In southwest Ohio, the Landes name has meant premium quality meat for many years. Our foreparents, Earl and Mildred Landes, purchased the Landes farm in 1946 and began raising hogs. In the winter months, they would butcher hogs for friends and neighbors. Word spread and before long they found themselves proprietors of a small butchering shop offering their services year round.

Many things have changed in the years since, but our core values have not. The Landes family still runs the business on the original farm with the same commitment to quality. Over the years, Landes Fresh Meats has expanded from pork to include beef & poultry products, a deli, a bakery and country market. Today, Landes Fresh Meats has grown into the wholesale market and is providing the same down home quality meat to many corporations across the United States.  As a fourth generation business, our company desires to keep the family tradition alive, while having a vision for the future. 

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