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Grill Your Way To Tasty & Tender With These 10 Easy Tips
Temper the Meat
Bring your meat to room temperature slowly, so that it will cook evenly. Never grill frozen or very cold meat. Beware of microwave defrosting - it can be a big flavor thief due to uneven heating and semi-cooking.
Know Your Plan
Plan your method of cooking: Our rule of thumb: Use heat directly under the meat for burgers and cuts less than 1" thick and indirect heat for larger cuts to slowly cook to the core.
Prep the Grill
Starting with the proper grill temperature will make or break a cookout. If the grill is not hot enough outside of the meat begins cooking and gets overdone till the core is finished. If it is too hot, you end up with dry, rubbery meat or at best a raw core.
Put on the Shining Armor
Coating your meat (especially unground cuts) with olive oil before grilling provides a protective layer and allows it to cook evenly. It also keeps the juices in.
Quit Guessing: Take Control with Time & Temp
Knowing the core temperature of your meat is, without dispute, the greatest contributor to grilling success. A themometer with a probe and a timer are the cookout pro's best friend.
Go Low & Slow
Be very careful about 'searing to seal'. This common practice many times overcooks the surface before you hardly begin. The goal is gentle cooking to the core of the meat without overcooking the outside.
Observe the Curve
Get to know that core temperature pattern of the meat you cook. This is key for grill temperature management, proper flip timing, and taking your meat off at the right time. Remember that meat keeps cooking for a bit after you take it off.
Poke Not, Dry Not
Avoid the frightful fork. Every poke or cut your meat incurs serves as a drain for the savory juices that make it moist and tender.
Spare the Spatula
Flipping your meat again and again yields overcooked, tough food. Cook it 60-65% on one side then flip it over and finish the other side. Never smash your meat with the spatula as you grill, this dries out your burger and induces flareups.
Keep it Capped
Avoid the urge to continually lift the lid and check the meat. Keeping the lid on evenly cooks the meat and penetrates it with smoky flavor.

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