Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you process deer Meat?

     A: We no longer process or sell deer meat. 

Q: How many people will a bone-in/boneless beef or pork roast feed per pound?

     A: Approximately 2 people per pound for bone-in.

                 Approximately 3 people per pound boneless. 

Q: Is your Beef Grass Fed?

     A: Our beef is All Natural, Antibiotic and Hormone Free, Grain and Grass Fed.

Q: Where does your pork come from.

     A: Our pork is raised locally at Dulls Homestead in Brookville Ohio. 

Q: Is your Beef and Pork Organic.

    A: We do not currently sell any meat that is USDA certified organic.


Q: Where does your chicken come from

    A: Our chicken is brought in from the well known Gerbers Chicken. You can visit their website for more               information.  


Q: What is the difference in Grass Fed Beef v Grain Fed Beef? 


Q: What are Nitrates and Nitrites?