Welcome to The Meat Block

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Hello, we are glad you have found us. The Meat Block is all about keeping you informed and bringing you content that can help you make decisions as your prepare a meal for you and your family. The Meat Block will cover everything from company information to delicious recipes and may even help you look like a pro on the grill when the family comes over.

Kielbasa is one of our featured products.

Why The Meat Block?

You may be asking, "Why the Meat Block?" Here at Landes we appreciate our heritage. We appreciate our faith upbringing and the teachings that have been passed down from generation to generation. We see the meat block as a strong symbol of the early beginnings of meat shops. We hope to grasp the lessons of the past and use them to build up a strong future. We have to adapt and evolve as a company however, we hold strong to what has helped to get us where we are today.

Follow Along

As we learn together we are excited to show you what is happening on our meat block.

We hope your enjoy following along with us as we work diligently to get the highest quality products form our meat block to yours.

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